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Robyn Rachel has always had an eye for beauty. As an ardent world traveler and editorial wedding photographer, it comes with the job description. Yet her true gift is her ability to see the world differently. Whether at home in Chicago or traversing through the European countryside, Robyn finds beauty in unexpected places—in the raw joy of parenthood as well as the everyday struggles of raising a family; in the grind of city life AND on the road less traveled. 

It’s all about perspective. 

So when she was diagnosed with a degenerative disease that will potentially cause her to go blind, she didn’t crumble in on herself or bemoan her fate. She stepped outside the doctor’s office and saw her surroundings in a new light. She saw the vivid texture of the leaves contrasting against the geometric shapes of the buildings. She saw the sky, and for the first time truly appreciated the deep optimism of the color blue. She saw extraordinary in the ordinary. And she vowed to see the world through this lens for the rest of her life. 

You can too, no matter where your path takes you. Robyn is a perfect example of what can happen when you don’t look at the surprises life throws at you as setbacks, but rather as steps in your journey. She is proof that you can always find a silver lining, as long as you’re willing to see things a little differently. Now, as she embarks on a new adventure with her husband and daughter in tow, she won’t only be exploring new cultures and perspectives. She’ll be exploring herself, capturing the experiences—beautiful, difficult, but above all, real—that make travel so richly fulfilling, and make us who we are. 

Robyn is sharing her authentic, vulnerable, and hopeful story not only for the sake of making memories, or even to shed light on new and different ways to travel, but most importantly to inspire others to live their lives fully—always. Because a full life is beautiful. All it takes to see it is a little perspective





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